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The necessity of starting a vocational training centre lies in the fact that the ‘Gaddi’ people of this tribal belt having to adjust in this modern day world are leaving their traditional patterns of living and earning and looking for greener pastures desperately. Out of the sheer need of making the people realize the value of their own resources HiVE has developed a range of products which has a good market but has not been developed till now. Some of these products are made out of materials traditionally manufactured and some of them are using the untapped local resources. The thrust of the vocational centres is to train people in the manufacturing processes and to market them successfully.

Women at work

Home made jams

'Natural Flavour' Jams

They are manufactured at a home scale level. HiVE is training at present a small group of women to make jams and marmalades out of wild flowers and fruits and also local farm grown fruits. The exotic range of jams include-
  • Rhododendron jam
  • Blackberry-plum jam
  • Barberry jam
  • Wild Raspberry jam
  • Apricot jam
  • Plum jam
  • Citron marmalade

Short jacket made
from local "Pattus"

Long coat made from
the "gaddi Pattus"

Local Sheep wool products

Gaddi’s are traditionally shepherds, although in the recent times most of them are giving up their traditional ways and looking for modern alternates, even though it might not provide them with adequate income. The main reason behind this is the fall of prices of the local wool and the increase in the import of wool. With the decrease of sale of the local wool the local weaving industry has also developed a downtrend.

"Pattus" the traditional hand
made Blankets made from
local wool

Patti Jacket

In order to reverse this trend we are trying to develop garments and other products keeping in view the demand of a modern market. Traditionally the ‘Gaddis’ were weaving a thick blanket called ‘Pattu’, which was used by the shepherds during their trans-Himalayan migration. This blanket was used in the extreme conditions of rain and snow in the mountains. We have designed coats, jackets and bags made from this material and are also teaching our students at the tailoring schools the same, hence trying to provide an income generation programme for the shepherds, weavers as well as the seamstresses.




Given the touristy nature of the place HiVE is also trying to design some typical handicrafts from the locally available raw material, like dry flower decorations, Pine and fir cone decorations and hand-made paper from the local plants.