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Himalayan Village Education Trust (or 'HiVE' as we call it) is at present an organization founded and run by Alok Mahendroo. Starting way back in 1996 Alok had set up a handloom designing unit with a women’s group and his wife Isabelle (Isha) Mahendroo Pompignat, a school teacher on sabbatical leave, helped a group of Indian women to setup and run a home made Jam, Tofu and Peanut butter making unit in a village near McLeodganj. This led later to starting educative projects in the surrounding villages inhabited by Gaddis, a tribal group of half nomadic shepherds, now settled. Between 1999 and 2002 three tailoring schools for girls, a kindergarten and a village library and computer center were started, all these facilities were provided free of cost. At present they are working to set up an educational and vocational training centre in a village near Dalhousie in district Chamba of Himachal Pradesh.



'HiVE' was founded with the idea of our work being sustained in the long run. The long-term target of this organisation is to setup small centres for micro-level growth in the tribal ‘Gaddi’ rural areas, helping to arrest migration of this semi-pastoral population towards urban areas. The aim of 'HiVE' is not to provide monetary aid but to educate people about their resources and how to be able to use it. With the growth of communication technology it is possible for the people living in distant areas to develop skills and local small-scale industries and to be able to market them in places far beyond their reach......... with a little help and guidance.

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