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Khudgoth Village Library

Boys and the books

This is a village library run at a village six kilometres away from the touristy place of Dalhousie. It has a choice of over 3000 books in Hindi and English and also provides magazines for women and children. The main aim behind the library is to get the children to get familiar to books and feel comfortable with the habit of reading. This village is also located in the tribal ‘Gaddi belt’, where everyone speaks the local dialect in daily life, so there is a necessity for the children to familiarise themselves with literary Hindi, which is the key to successful education as Hindi is the official language and the medium of education in the schools. The children are provided with books for reading and borrowing free of cost. They are encouraged to come to the library to do their homework or simply to enjoy educational games and drawing.

Khudgoth Computer Centre

Computer Centre

A computer centre to bring awareness about the uses of the latest information technology for the rural areas. Through the use of the computer and internet we would be able to provide the people with the wealth of knowledge regarding animal husbandry, agricultural development and health and medicine.

Naddi and Baal village libraries

Each of the tailoring schools in Baal and Naddi villages is equipped with small libraries having about a hundred books each as well as periodicals. The choice of women’s magazines in Hindi makes it quite popular with the village women and girls.

Naddi and Baal literacy classes

Education for women

In the villages, girls usually quit their studies much before the boys and by the age of 15 they are working full time on the farms with their mothers. Regular reading habits of these girls, ensures that they do not forget what they had learnt in the village school (which do not have a very high standard). A special teacher has been employed in the tailoring schools of the villages of Baal and Naddi to teach the girls who dropped out of the school at a young age. This teacher tutors them in reading, writing in Hindi and also gives them the basics of arithmetic and geometry, which is also essential for making garment patterns and taking measurements.